Pukeko Room (0 – 2 years)

Kia ora parents/whānau

The Pukeko Room offers a warm, quiet and caring environment with age appropriate leaning experiences for babies and toddlers (0-2 years). The custom designed and built facility opened in July 2013.

Our Pukeko Room is perfectly equipped with large open spaces, a custom designed kitchen, two peaceful sleep rooms, bathrooms, and a large, safe and private outdoor area perfect for inquisitive toddlers and babies.

We prepare fresh lunches and snacks daily for little Pukeko tummies that are nutritious and fitting for their age.

Our team provide young children with a peaceful environment where they are encouraged to learn at their own pace.

Changing, sleep routines and meal times are unhurried and relaxed so each child feels a sense of belonging and is respected.

Sunny Days provides a clean, spacious, natural and calming environment

In the Pukeko Room we value the following practices within our centre:

  • Treating each child’s development as individual and allowing them to learn at their own pace
  • Encouraging children’s sense of belonging and responsibility for their own well-being
  • We do not place children in positions that they are not able to get into themselves (e.g high chairs)
  • We support free movement by not placing our Tamariki in restraints; this allows babies/toddlers to develop their fine/gross motor skills
  • Ensuring children are aware of what is happening to them when teachers are changing their nappies, before meal times and bed times. These routines are also carried out in an unhurried manner
  • We work in partnership with whānau/parents and children to provide the best possible care
  • We also acknowledge aspirations’ and expectations for each individual child through this partnership
  • We recognise the importance of touch as a way to soothe and nurture children’s belonging and well-being
  • We value sensory play this is visible through the use of natural resources
  • We aim to provide cultural responsive learning experiences